Music-Society presents Charisma_V08_Light by Mira-Katarina

2 OSC - switchable into 7 waveforms - both working with a new fatness technology for a thick and bright sound,
Controls for Octave, Fine Tune and Pulswidth,
2 seperate ASDR VCA Envelopes,
2 separate ADSR VCF Envelopes with a multimode filter each; cotrols for 8 switchable Filter Types: 1-2-3 Pole Low Pass, 1-2-3 Pole High Pass and 1-2 Pole Moog Filter with Resonance Control
Stereo-Effektsection with Delay and Chorus; Chorus (with Feedback working as Flanger); Delay is also switchable as tempo-synced

This Unit works in Real Stereo Technology; you can set different sounds on each channel!

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