[music] Stay 2013 Desert

remixed an updated version of older cubase version, i think 2009
added new `VSTi bass"and ac pno track. remastered it.
Guitar by Guido van der Sluis


Pretty enjoyable overall, reminded me of the general ballpark of those 80’s/90’s movies such as Twins, nice vibe to the piece. I began to get bored of the same chords around the 2:30 mark or something, but the change that was introduced shortly after was nice. I just felt it could have came in a little bit earlier. The guitar lead/solo lines could have been a bit more prominent with a different amp or guitar, it just sounded too thin and twangy. The drum track could have been a bit more varied too, but I know it’s pretty tough to sequence/score the kind of stuff that is typically improvised in nature. Other than that quite cool, good going.

nice job on the mix…looks like you wanted to just jam on this. do agree that that 2 chord program went on just a little bit too long…but hey…you were havin fun!

good potential here but not enough changes to keep it interesting and It’s a min or so too long…I like the “jam” feel it has and It’s got a nice “up” vibe…Kevin

Lovely guitar and lovely piano and organ; I really liked the groove. Great sounds all round.