Music Studio in iOS9.3.5 - can Entire Project be exported to Windows?

This has been the major flaw in Garageband for me… Cannot export projects to work on in Windows … have to export each track, one at a time. Being able to export all the tracks of a project at once would be sooooo helpful… am working in iOS 9.3.5 though. Can that version of Music Studio export all tracks of project at once…to Windows?
Thanks for your help!

Facing same issue in my side. could you mind to share the solution for this issues?

Thanks in advance.

My only solution so far has been to carefully manage my recordings on the iPad…deleting whatever I wouldn’t share…which is to say I have not found the solution I need…not sure if a DAW other than Garageband might be able to export an entire project in a common format one might use in Windows. If not that…then a newer iPad…Garageband after iOS 9.3.5 can export an entire project in a common format…so I understand from researching the interwebs. Please post your solution if you find one :+1::sunrise:

Aren’t there any Music Studio people here who can answer this fairly basic question?

Can Music Studio for iOS9.3.5 export an entire project in a format compatible with a Windows PC DAW?

…the sound of silence…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: