Music Studio Summer Sale (more than 40% off)

Hi all,

As of today, Music Studio for iOS and the 60 Instrument Bundle in-app purchase come at more than 40% off.
The Music Studio Summer Sale offer ends August 03, 2018.

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Music Studio Summer Sale (ends August 03, 2018)
Music Studio - $8.99/€9.99 (regular $14.99/€16.99)
60 Instrument Bundle in-app purchase - $3.99/€4.49 (regular $6.99/€7.99)

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Hello, I would like to upgrade from my lite version of Music Studio but I am unable to go above iOS 6. Would I be able to download one of your older versions to accomodate my older iOS? I won’t expect support for this, I would mostly like to have a larger selection of instruments and the ability to save multiple recordings.

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Hi Tolmie,

I’m not sure if this is possible, but you could try. It depends if Apple offers previous versions of apps on the App Store, in general.
Open the App Store and search for “Music Studio”.
If it appears in the search results, check if the version number is lower than 2.6 (which was the version that required iOS 7).
If it doesn’t appear at all or if the version number is 2.10, Apple doesn’t offer older versions on the App Store.

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