Music Symbol modification?

I’m trying to change the size of the “8” in the octave signs, but not having any luck. I’d like it to be a tad smaller.

in the “Edit Music Symbol”, ottava lines, ottava, I’ve put 50 in the scale, but that’s not seemingly making it smaller.
BTW, I’ve done the same thing with the Breath mark (comma) making it a bit bigger, and that worked.

What am I missing?

See Music Symbol Editor - 8va Symbol - Dorico - Steinberg Forums


So it seems nothing can be done? Could I import an image (or font) that could automatically be used?

No, there’s nothing that can be done at the moment.

How about text with a line that follows (that doesn’t have any effet on the midi data) ? Would something like that be possible now in version 3?

You could construct a Playing Technique with appropriate line, yes.

Great, thanks!

I hope this can soon get implemented. The publisher I work with won’t accept these large 8’s. I’d need to be able to have control over the font, the size, and the relative position of the dotted line…

I’m sure I’ve worked around this in the past, but I’m struggling to remember which project it was. I have to go and do a job right now, but I’ll look into it later today.

I haven’t tried the playing technic yet, but hoping that can work. If not, I may just have to change these manually directly in the pdf’s.

Thanks in advance for taking a loot at what you did to get around this !

Really loving Dorico 3 btw !!!

If you go into the Music Symbols Editor and find the 8va symbol, you can delete the existing glyph (which is a single “8va” glyph), then add an “8” from the Octaves glyphs and separate “v” and “a” from the Octave Supplement glyphs. You can then adjust the size of the 8 to suit your needs. You’ll then potentially need to do a lot of faffing in Engraving Options > Octave Lines, and bear in mind that with this altered symbol, the settings won’t necessarily work the way they’re advertised. Pay particular attention to the setting for where the line meets the symbol, and whether it tucks under or not.

I would also like to be able to reduce the size of the 8va marking. It is unnecessarily large and dominating. Does it need to repeat on every stave? It is enough that the dotted line continues until a loco marking or until the line ends. Perhaps this can be included in the ENGRAVE > FONT STYLES OPTIONS in the next revision? The workaround in the last post seems overly complicated and reminds me of everything I was trying escape in Finale!

That’s precisely what Daniel’s already suggested might happen:

I understand. Thanks.

Has there been any progress on this over the last twelve months?

I’m afraid not, Nick. It’s still something we plan to address, but we’ve not yet done so.

That’s a shame. I look forward to its eventual implementation.

Going from pianoleo’s post above, I found another work-around when needing smaller octave symbols and using parentheses. Since I don’t use 8 by itself as an octave symbol, I changed it in the Music Symbols Library to (8va) with the parentheses. Then, in: Engraving Options>Octave Lines>Continuation>Label for Start of New System I selected Octave Number Only, and for Continuation Appearance I selected Without Parentheses. Since I also use 8va for octave lower, this approach works for me.

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