[Music] Take 4

Another collab with a good friend and excellent guitarist, Jeff.

Bear with the MP3 quality from SC. This was the 2nd tune I ever wrote or recorded. It’s called Take 4 because we used an old Alesis drum machine that you programmed patterns into and due to hitting Erase All Patterns I had to redo it 4 times. There’s a short measure in the Chorus that made it a PITA to program.

Effing brilliant! I love checking out your guitar tunes. Great harmonies, lead parts, changes, everything. The drums are actually pretty good, although I’d like quite a bit more kick.

I agree there’s some distortion in the mp3… it’d be great if you’d post your tunes to bandcamp also so we could download full wav versions of them

Again, good job

Thanks Doug, I’m looking to set up my own site and have the music available there. :sunglasses:

Next to perfect, this one. Your playing excells, as I may have said before.

Thanks, Michael. :sunglasses:

I listened to this one again tonight. I like how you have a “signature” tone – your buddy has one, too.

What marshall amp do you use? I have a Haze 40 which sounds similar to this. I need to use a pedal to get real chunk, however

BY the way