Music templates

I was actually interested in Cubase, but because of current sale price of Nuendo I may but it instead of Cubase. However, I have downloaded trial version and noticed that there are no Cubase 13 templates in Nuendo 13. Now, if I buy Nuendo is there a (legal) way to get those templates over to Nuendo? I do not have any license right now.

Download the trial and import the templates into Nuendo…

Thank you, I wasn’t sure am I allowed to do that. Now, after doing it, in Nuendo they are all listed together under last group Templates, while in Cubase they are categorized in 4 categories. is there a way to achieve the same? Also, I left them with cpr extension, I was reading online that some people change extension to npr, is that good/advantageous?

cpr should be fine.
In time you will end up modifying it to your taste anyway.

Thank you. How about categorizing them? I see in Nuendo hub there are 4 custom folders to choose and all templates are together, while in Cubase hub are shown in multiple categories. although all templates are in single folder.

I split them in folders, and assigned each one to custom location. Good enough for me. Thank you

its funny as I am just working out what I like more in Nuendo before I cross grade and have 4 locations (not the Cubase Template etc) . I find much more useful -:slight_smile: