[music] the Drum

This is new. I wrote this about thirty years ago and stumbled on it about a week ago.
I hope you like and expect criticism.


the Drum

The time has come and there will come a time? :confused: :mrgreen:

Cool little tune. What did you use for piano? I’d think about using something else. Vocal performance seems a little unsteady, like someone reading them for the first time off paper trying to sing. That intro seemed to stick out a little, too. Something more in line with the rest of the tune would be good. Other than that… :sunglasses:

OK :mrgreen: :confused:

Hi Michael.

This is my least favorite of your productions - and I’m only talking about the production.
I like the body of the song, the lyrics, and the way your voice was recorded. I also like the string parts.
What’s not working at all for me is the stiffness of the rhythm. The piano on the intro is very stiff
and robotic sounding, and so is the drum track throughout the song.

If you added a looser, more organic sounding drum performance to the guitar, bass, strings and vocal that you have here,I think you’d have a very nice little folk/pop song. The drum track sorta kills it for me.
Ironic that you call it ‘the drum’. :slight_smile:


overall quality of the sound of the recording is excellent ,quite a catchy tune as well reminds me of Leonard Cohen, nice laid back vocals.yeh i hear what people are saying about the drum program ,me personaly i look on a drum machine with a bit of sympothy if it sounds like a drum machine, because for a non drummer they are a bitch to program and people can waste a lot of time messing round with them to no effect ,but anyway, dig it.

thanx for the encouragement Lenny and Firestamper - but mashedmitten is correct - as is, the song needs some work… :slight_smile:


This is nice but I kind of agree with some of the other comments. The piano is very rigid, most noticeable when it doubles the vocal melody. I’m not sure you would really play it like that naturally. The drums just need some velocity or sample variations IMHO, otherwise they serve the song ok.

Mix is fine. :sunglasses:


Hi Dave

The piano does need a major overhaul and that’s my first priority. It competes with the rhythm guitar as well. I can easily get it a bit more laid back.
Thanx for the listen…


Love the tune! Nice quaint folktronic sort of thing.

My nits:

I don’t like the intro – it doesn’t quite work with the tune
I agree with Lenny, drums are pretty mechanical and for me they could come up a hair
not sure I like the processing on the vocal – sounds like a room plate… I’d dry it up a bit and bring him in closer

Again, nice tune

Hi Doug

Would agree with the intro being awkward, and that was apparent as I was constructing it. I passed on changing it a number of times.

The drums, well…they were up and down during the mixing process more than the Dow.

I haven’t found a subtle reverb or a usable combination of settings using delay to “blend” my vocals better. I’m sure within CB essentials it exists.

Thanx for the listen and the helpful comments.



For a very nice free delay that blends in try Nasty DLA from Bootsy


I love this plugin. Don’t be fooled by ‘Nasty’ in the title. :wink: This guy writes some good plugs. Nasty VCS, Rescue and Boot EQ are all good too.

hi michael, I think you write good songs with lyrics from the heart.
imo this style doesn’t need big drums, I enjoyed the overal softness of the track.

Hi Dave

Thanks for the link to the Nasty delay…I have been experimenting with it. So far so good.

Hi Bob
Happy you made it to the forum.
Thanx for the encouraging comments.