[Music] The Last Dream

This is the fourth installment of a collab with my good friend Jeff. Again, I play all rhythms and the solo up to the break. We both played bass and programmed the rest. It too is in the can so the mix is locked.

The Last Dream

nice job!

What can I say? Another well-conceived and executed piece from you

I’m a buyer when the CD comes out

Mix is pretty good. I might have backed off the snare just a tad and upped the kick. The verb on the guitars is prtty dark – you probably wanted that, however. Still, sounds pretty damn good.

I’ve listened to the bunch, but this is probably my favourite. As you already know I’m a HUGE fan of your guitar skills. Absolutely agree with Doug, a littel less snare I reckon and a lot more kick presence - both low-end punch and plenty of snap!

There’s a hint of mystery in this one, some very tasteful melody on top of some nice progressions and atmopshere.
Was that 2nd to last note a bit dodgy? Flew past so quick and then it stopped so can’t be sure.

Anyway… good stuff. Needs some piano though :wink:

Cheers, guys.

@Doug, as soon as I set up my site I’ll give you the .wav’s.

@ Ian, thanks for the kind words and I’m a HUGE fan of your songwriting skills. :wink: