Music theory - What chord is this?

Maybe I would have to hear it in context, but I think if I just heard those four notes (E, B, D, F#) I would be thinking E min 9 (with 3rd missing). Depends on what everything else is playing. If it’s really in the key of B min and not E min the I think we would say B min over E which I think is notated “B min/E”.

And tell your friend, if it sounds right, then it is right.

A B minor chord with a D as a bass note is actualy a D6 chord.
It’s the starting chord of ‘Babe’ by Styx.

Doesn’t Cubase now tell us these things as standard?


Could have been my confusion there… if it’s a D in the bass, Wim got it. I thought you said it was a 4th in the key of B minor, which is why I said E in the bass. In any case, the same notes can be different chords in different scales/keys, and that’s a reason why I don’t even think about chord names myself.

All else is obsolete, get Cubase 7 and all your problems will be solved.

why not simply post a short snippet so we could all hear the chord in context, and you could get a consensus
on whether or not it works? Makes more sense than a semantic discussion on what it might be?

I’ve got a friend who writes cool music on acoustic guitar with lots of interesting inversions - and he usually has no
idea what most of them are, but they sound good - so he calls them ‘Wally chords’. :sunglasses:

Not so fast! Those bastards aren’t getting another nickel outta Steve! He’s just fine with VST for windows
circa '96. He can record his guitar straight to the computer. No more syncing to the reel to reel for him! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t be serious, Cubase 7 is now a very diverse and handy song writing audio recording package.

There’s no point in denying oneself decent tools, if you want to make music easily and in a convenient manner.

Oh, and I don’t think a VST32 license (parallel port dongle) can be used to get into the forum :unamused:

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Go away, you make these forums look like a joke.

If you truly love Steinberg as much as you claim, you should do them and all potential future customers a favor and quit … what was Split’s word … oh, yes … wittering!

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I’ve not received any warnings as of late

I don’t need to learn theory now, as that is all handled natively by the host, i.e. Cubase.

So you have in the past? I wonder why.

Hey, Zap! I’m sorry for corrupting your topic but this Brains nonsense needs to stop.

I’m sure you are perfectly capable of figuring out which chords sound right without the help of Cubase 7.

As far as what you would call that specific chord, I’m completely lost. I just play what sounds right and leave it to others to anal-ize :slight_smile: .

Doesn’t cubase now allow us to input an audio file and transfer to MIDI?

Are you sure you replied to the correct topic?


this has been a much requested feature of DJ’s and budding producers from around the world.

But not a specific request from the legendary Steve Fogal . So … Shut up, Brains.

Yes, that’s right … Fogal the legend :slight_smile: .

Who are the forum legends again?

Only you would know or care.

From what I gather you don’t need Cubase, you need a sandpit and a bucket (over your head)… :unamused: .