[music] 'til the sun comes up-version 6 beta 3.1

Hey guys, I’ve been away for some time and have a new thingy here for you perusal and critique…


I reworked the mix a bit.

…and reworked it again. I added a solo and in general sparked it up a bit. Please let me know what it needs.

version 6 beta 3.1 - more changes reflecting the comments so far…

Hi Michael,

I like this, nice soundscape! :sunglasses:

I’m not sure if it’s the bandcamp compression, but I miss the top end.
It could also do with some sort of bridge or solo.
Definitely worth developing this further.

Nice artwork, BTW.


I would appreciate any comments on this new version…

Hiya Michael. Not sure about this one, the electric guitar doesn’t seem to be in tune with the acoustic. Not working harmonically for me. Might wanna check that. The vocal isn’t right for me either, lacks definition, i can’t hear what’s being sung.

There’s a nice song in there somewhere :sunglasses:


hey michael, nice to see you back with a track. this is very different from what I remember. I quite like it, the atmo groovey vibe is catchy and becomes a good pedal point hook. its not so much about the lyrics as the voice becoming part of the ambience of it. theres some cool interplay with the sounds too. its like an orchestral canned heat, :laughing: the bells were a great add, if you can get them out with some clear presence the mix will come together from there.
I think its a neat track, had me bobbin my head.
happy happy new year!!

This has been “tightened up” a bit on the vocal which had distracting elements in previous versions. I have listened for “out of tune” and can’t find it. There is a high degree of dissonance with the 7th chords but that was 90% of the sound that I wanted.

Thanks, as usual, for the helpful comments. This forum rocks when it comes to expert critique. I have learned so much.


Its quite a compelling song actually… there’s a unique character and quality in the vocal that had me quite captivated. :slight_smile:

I think the mix still needs attention though. For me it generally lacks clarity and definition, it all sounds rather murky if you know what I mean. I wonder if its actually mostly to do with the choice of reverbs and possibly other FX? Also, the only part of the acoustic guitar I can really hear is the sound of the pick slap. :confused: AND… I’d pull the vocal a couple more notches too. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, good song!


I am liking this a lot. It’s good to here something a little different here. I have actually been listening to quite a bit of music that has this kind of feel lately. For sure there are technical elements you might be able to improve but please, what ever you do, do not loose the vibe. This is not the kind of track that needs to be pristine and hifi IMHO. :slight_smile:

One thing I think might work would be later in the song increase the level of the lower octave of the vocal hook.



I could imagine this on the White Album. But in a much shorter form. :wink:

To be honest, listening on near fields, I couldn’t understand any of
the lyrics except “sun comes up”. I think every word needs to be
discernible in a song like this. Call me a fuddy-duddy, sorry.

I also think the intro mushy-ness is too much. Maybe do something
with that?

However, it is immensely catchy. :wink: