Music timing token would be very useful

It would be useful to have a token which is the flow and project timing in hours:minutes:seconds, calculated from the tempo track. For concert music such information is used for building the program, and for games it would be very handy while composing and for project planning the stems. I image the film composers would find it useful too. Of course it won’t necessarily be 100% precise but that’s not needed at any rate.

For example my score information page would give the total timing, and on each flow I’d have a field to show the timing up near the first page title. As it is I need to calculate that all by hand, and I use it while composing to know how many minutes of music have been written.

You can find the most recent extra tokens document here. (Online searches do frequently point you to older documents, and we’re looking into ways we can make this more obvious when you land on older documentation.)

In the newer version, more recent tokens relating to flow durations have been added. They’re minutes and seconds though, not a full timecode.

You folks are amazing, thanks Lillie that’s perfect. I should have searched, it did seem like 2018 was a little stale.

This one came from working through Dan’s excellent Master Page tutorial on Scoring Notes.

Lillie on that token list you link to I’m not sure about the ramifications of this comment

Alternatively, you can insert the flow’s number as shown at the bottom right-hand corner of the Flows panel in Setup mode between flow and the following word, for example {@flow2title@} will display the title of the second flow in the project.

Does that apply to all flow tokens? Specifically {@flownumber} doesn’t appear to work, e.g. {@flow1number@}. Though writing that I guess you know by the fact that it’s the first one anyhow. At any rate what’s the scope of the comment, just for the “Per-flow fields” or for all the flow tokens?

It would appear that doesn’t work with the flow number tokens, as separated in the context menu when you right-click in a text frame and choose Flow Info. I’ll make a note to clarify.

That said, you should find that the flow number tokens automatically resolve to the closest flow (generally measured by top of frames relative to each other). There are limitations to this, such as when showing two columns of music, but if my memory serves the example you’re working on has a single music frame in each “row”, correct?

Yeah this is for a musical index. Following a format similar to Henle Urtext (can’t embed graphic image because of BBS size restrictions)

Basically a number of the flow, first few bars, then a page number at the end.

Just in case I’ve misunderstood (and I have form in that regard), is the correct way to get a duration at the end of each flow, then, a matter of creating a text frame in the final bar of each flow and putting {@flowDuration@} into it, which is the process I’m currently using?

Yes, that should do the trick. You might consider defining a new master page template pair for the final page of your flow to include that text frame in a specific, consistent place so that it looks the same in all flows.

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