[music] Tomorrow, I will fly

Ambient piece, mostly done with Padshop Synth


This was a very smooth track, I enjoyed it. I am honestly don’t listen to that much “chill” but from what I have heard this seemed to personify it well. The chord sequence in particular had me enamored, something about how unpredictable it is made it seem very mysterious and hopeful at the same time. The only problem I noticed was the bass. I think it is a great touch, but maybe not the best sample for the job. I noticed you said it, I don’t think a little more reverb would have hurt anything, or maybe holding out the notes in piano roll at least for some time longer. Occasionally the bass didn’t seem to exactly fall at the right time… although that might be a component of this genre that I am not used to. Great job overall though! :sunglasses:

well that flaoted me away to another world for a while…interesting piece…Kevin

Thank you Kevin and Ethan,
Nice comments!


There are some nice sounds in there. One of the things that bothers me a lot is for this style we’ve become accustomed to quite a lot more reverb than you have here. Idk, I feel that it lacks the true atmosphere for this style. I was going to make the comment about a lack of a tonal center of some kind. But now that I think about it, I think if you had a lot more reverb, like some with nice long release trails then any thought of that would diminish. I’d quite like to a hear a version like the aforementioned to compare. :stuck_out_tongue:

Toward the end it did remind me of Blade Runner, just the style not the notes. Some nice sounds and atmosphere and I think the reverb would enhance the atmosphere more.

Thank you Jonathan, useful comment as always.

I’m not quite sure about the specifics of the reverbs he uses but this is something that what I mean about how much it adds to the atmosphere, or rather entirely creates the atmosphere; https://soundcloud.com/clg-2/free-from-fear-resident-evil-3

I’m not saying the exact same reverb will work, but I think you have too little and too short to create the atmosphere you’re going for. I don’t know what settings he has the reverb on, but I know he’s using Reverence and some long time like 10-20 seconds. It’s an in real life friends channel, so he won’t mind me linking it as an example. It’d be cool if you can try it and post for comparison. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you again, Jonathan. Will check this out for sure!