[music] Tomorrow Never Knows

Thank you kindly, Nick! :sunglasses:

If you’re battling with this and struggling to let it in after having the original version so ingrained, then I’ve done my job.
I don’t ask that you like it, just that you please listen. Thank you for giving it a chance, Steve.

I knew generally that if you wanted to do what they call a new version or arrangement of a tune, you needed permission from the publisher. What I’m wondering is what constitutes such a “new” version? For example, I know you’re a bit familiar with my “version” of “Close to You” which retains the melody and words but significantly rewrites the underlying chord structure… I’m wondering if I’d actually need permission in that situation.

Tape loop squeaky noises are cool. Subliminal mind dithering!!!

theres alot of attention to this production. the vocal lines that add doubling for more presence to the overall vocal mix, subtle movement in the filter of the synth, the guitar is with the music but still maintains its own world, even note wise at times, theres watery ambience and atmosphere that wrap the tune. a pleasure to listen to such an original influence to a great song
well done!

Thank you, Bob, for your attentive listens and your kind words. It’s much appreciated.

Well, I haven’t of course forgotten who wrote the song in the first place :wink:

Splendid. I’m sure it’d meet with JL’s approval too :sunglasses:

Thanks, Phil.
J who? :slight_smile:

Wow Lenny…brilliant! I love the Beatles, love this track and you did an incredible re-make of it! Really superb!


Thank you, kindly, Karl! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

As this is one of my all time favorite Beatles songs I had to give it a listen. It’s pretty darn good. Personally I think it took a hair too long to get rolling, but that’s such a silly nit pick and preference based thing, it doesn’t really matter.

What’s funny is that I usually hate covers, but I’ve heard this song covered many, many times and they are usually good. I wonder what it is about this song that makes it “coverable”

Have to agree with most every other post here Lenny - great version; nice vibe, nice journey/energy - strong ‘rock’ slant. The vocals are awesome mate…

I am also envious of how you’ve executed the fantastic mix - in my efforts, I can never seem to get that lovely swirling, floating, yet powerful sound, with everything coming in and out of focus seemingly with ease - all the time leaving room for that vocal to work. All the sounds are nicely ‘back’ (away…?) from the speakers in their own space and as a whole; my mixes…? Well, everything always sounds too forward - you know, right at the speakers… Yeah, I use reverbs and delays - but then it all just starts sounding like mush and in order to get some focus, I pull out the verb density and well, I’m back to square one… :confused:

Anyhow, I just wanted to say, really enjoyed this - great job…! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words, Bob. I shared your concern with how long to keep it in half time at the beginning,
but that was part of what separates it from the original, and allows it to evolve, and I felt I had enough things of interest there to keep the listener engaged, so I kept it this way.
Thanks for your comments on the mix. I’m basically non-technical, and don’t approach a mix as a trained engineer
might, but I’ve learned a few tricks and found a way to pick and poke at it 'til I yield a decent result - and I’ve learned much from the good folk here who’ve been critiquing me for 8 years or so. :slight_smile:

Understood Lenny… practise makes perfect…! :wink:

BTW, was the first part of your response really for me…!? Maybe for JMCecil’s note a bit further up…? :slight_smile:


D’oh! :blush: Yes, that was intended for JM. Thanks again Bob - and thank you JM, for listening! :slight_smile:

Hey, my pleasure for sure. I can set up a live recording environments and I can capture very good recordings of solo instruments. But, my mixing skills are terrible. I’m privileged to listen to the stuff you guys accomplish.

Interesting. I’ve heard a Phil Collins cover of it, and I’ve heard there’s a Jimi Hendrix recording of it (don’t think it was ever released however). I’d be interested to know/hear about some others

Nice treatment of an old classic… cheers Lenny.

two of my favorites…
Michael Hedges on the Oracle album

801 (Manzanera, Eno) on the first 801 live album

Wow, I had no idea these were on YouTube. I’m not much for surfing