[Music] Trucks

Trucks. We all have seen so many of them. Some are crazy. They do incredible achievements.
Board on while listening here: https://soundcloud.com/user-756452695/trucks

Very good , you sure this classifies as progressive and not experimental? , I particularly liked min 2:57

Thank you Massomi.

You are right. Gonna change this. Honestly, i didn’t pay too much attention to this, but it seems more important than i thought… :wink:

Another great soundscape. Really interesting to hear all the great ideas you have! I would point out that the bass only ever plays one note, but I think that you like to explore the different ways you can develop your harmonic ideas out of the same root. It’s cinematic. Thanks for posting this!

Hey Leon,
First, thank you for your interest.

For the Bass, you’re fully right. In fact there is another small note each 4 bars (+1/2 Tone); The main idea was to have a deep sound that suggests full power of the engine.

Listen, as a Guitar & Bass player (you know i’m not), you probably have ideas to make the tune better. If this is the case, feel free to DM me. I’m really open to collaborate.

I always struggle to come up with ideas. This piece is full of ideas. It’s kind of a pedal tone piece, but you’ve done lots of interesting pieces that are all over the place harmonically. Just listening to Stolen Minds For Sale as a great example. I would say if you thought somebody could help your recording by making a track according to your score, I would be glad to give it a try on either guitar or bass.

Good song man, great sounding instruments/samples and lovely progression/build up, congrats on the composition!

I love the composition! Especially like the slow build up and the sound of the instruments overall.

Thank you NathanBros & Misucjunkie100.
happy you’ve enjoyed your time with Trucks!

Liking your compostitions and recordings, as always. This one definitely moves along the highway. Agree with Early that this would be an interesting one to flesh out a little on the bottom end. I’d love to hear what you guys might do in a collaboration.

Thank you Swetch.
Well, most probably Leon is actually too busy with his own compositions to spend time with Trucks. No issue.

I still think i need help with Guitar & Bass. If you want to join the party, ping me.