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i bought the upgrade from 7.5 to 8.5 a couple of days ago.
haven’t even installed it yet, but i still have a question.
i have a video (recorded on a phone) and audio right from the board, from a performance a few weeks ago.
i wanna mix the audio and then export the whole project (video and audio) as a single file.
can this be done in cubase 8.5, or do i need to use other programs for this?

Unfortunately, no.

or do i need to use other programs for this?

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum is a good and cheep little app for this. Vegas Pro 13 is better but a lot more expensive.

There is a function in Cubase called “File–> Replace Audio In Video File”. With this you can replace audio into a video file. Please view the manual for more info on this.

For video editing there is also some opensource and freeware solutions.
Here for instance is OpenShot:

  • So you import you video into Cubase.
  • There you can edit and change the audio and also see the video on the timeline.
  • You export youre Audio. Make sure that it is exactly as long as the video by setting your cycle correctly. To do this just select the video event and then press “Control+P” to set the locators around it correctly.
  • Once you have exported you audio you open the video editor
  • There you import the video and your new audio
  • Now you can mute the old audio and make sure the new audio sounds.
  • Now you can export the video


that’s too bad, but thanx a lot for helping out and the great advice about a workaround.
i don’t wanna spend any more money right now, so i’ll probably try openshot :slight_smile:

errr… When you say you want to mix the audio in Cubase, it sounds as if it’s already mixed (on the live sound desk?)

And the phone video is just one file?

Read what Jan says, and follow his directions. Should work just fine using Cubase only.

Mix the audio in cubase, export as a Wav and then use the free windows movie maker and add the audio to the video …export as one file.

ffg: no, it’s not mixed.
the audio is pulled right from the “source”, but i specifically asked the soundguy that i wanted the audio he recorded “untouched” and “raw” so that’s what i got.
yeah, the phone video is one file.
yeah thanx, i’ll follow his advice.

mrhehon: thanx for giving me another free option.