[Music] Where Are You? - FINAL

The piano line really took this song from good to great. Doug gets the credit here, not I.

Thank you, Larry, it was a pleasure. :sunglasses:

The song is still going through my head!

Could be a tad longer, though :arrow_right:

Great stuff Larry and Doug. Great playing all round. Nice and laid back, excellent :sunglasses:

Thank you. I’m quite happy with the result. :smiley:

I don’t agree with that at all, and I’m not just trying to be “nice.” True, it comes off a bit “untrained”, but it’s got a nice timbre to it and it’s in tune. Personally, I like an “unaffected” vocal – one reason I detest the American Idol type of “singers”


Very nice collab. You guys should do some more.

Doug’s piano is class and I don’t think you are a bad singer at all Larry. :wink: :sunglasses:

Well, it’s in tune because I’m also a Melodyne owner. :laughing: I have gotten better at processing vocal tracks without leaving artifacts due to overuse.


Hi Larry,

This is very nice! I like this kind of ‘Lounge Jazz’.
Doug did a great job on the piano. :sunglasses:

I enjoyed this, thanks for sharing.



Nice! Your vocal sounds pretty good Larry, maybe just a confidence thing… perhaps a little hesitant in places. Best way is to just sing more!

Nice piano Doug! Though I thought the overall piano tone was far too bright - I reckon a more mellow sound would sit better in this tune.

Nice ‘loungy’ tune all the same!

I’ll take responsibility for this, since it is an EQ issue. This may sound funny, but I didn’t want this song to sound overproduced - I really was going for a bit of grunginess in that I wanted to truly sound like it was coming from a jazz trio in a restaurant.

There is a Brazillian BBQ restaurant (upscale though the word “BBQ” has negative connotations) in Manhattan, Churrascaria Plataforma, that I went to once. The first time I went there for a bachelor party there was a Brazillian jazz band playing live during dinner. That is what I was channeling when I recorded this song.

I TOLD Larry he’d want to roll off some treble, so it would fit the rest of his tune better! :laughing:

Yes, you did. And I forgot. :smiley:

This has been fixed and the new version uploaded to BandCamp.