[MUSIC] Where Are You? (Mastered)

I’ve recently taken up the challenge of mastering my work as an explicit, separate step from the recording / mixing process. To cut my teeth, I’ve decided to take up a few of my older songs and revisit them from a mastering and, in some instances, even a remixing perspective. This is one such song.

Originally recorded in 2005, this song talks about the never ending pursuit of a man’s dream: the dream of finding the perfect woman. His life is in chaos, and he compares this fictitious woman to Athena, the Roman goddess of balance and law because he knows she would set his life aright.

Piano: Doug Hazelrigg

Where Are You?

Foe me this is the best sounding, I think mainly because the hissing is less prevalent ( I know it’s supposed to be brushes on a snare)
If you think spending the time mastering is improving your stuff then that’s the way to go, would’ve been more interesting if you put up the originals to compare with…or have you done that and I’ve missed them? :confused:

good stuff all round anyway, you should be proud of this work!!


Your sound is perfect! Really good music !!

Kevin: i can put up the originals. I’m not able to do it right this minute, but I’ll try to have them up later tonight. :slight_smile: