music with computers in 2015 is it possible ?


i’v been doing music professionaly for a decade now. Many movies, shows, disc.
but although technology is going forward i feel computers are geting more and more in the way of creating.
i have so many crashes, bugs that it’s almost impossible now to start a session without having a problem.
If you’r working ok then crash will happen on close session.
settings you have in PREF are lost on this crash and it’s like i always have to manually reprogram stuff like “pref/ legato between selected notes only” this one i know by heart !
and because there’s so many third party plugins no one knows where the crash comes from. Nuendo loads vst vienna that loades vienna standalone that can load vsti … it’s out of control.
take this exemple : load a vstlike camelspace (delay) … you can load/save presets from camelspace window or from the top vst nuendo window preset or that little square on the side but none of these are not located at same place (!). and there’s no “open location” function so you’r dead lost in limbos of presets beeing lost, not backedup etc…

the more you get flexible windows, rezisable interface, touch, controlers the more it bugs.
i don’t know if i create a fat template so i load all i need to work fast… then crash or create empty session to hopfully avoid crashes.

using cubase then nuendo i never experienced so many crashed for the last 3 years.
i bought all my plugs, banks all is up to date and no cracks at all… but it’s such a mess i don’t know what to do.
i sometime delete nuendo in appdata but it’s never the solution.

reinstalling computer is 5 days of full hard work and no garanty it’s better. Anyway I have both laptop(w8) and desktop(w7) and the bugs are on both computers.

Last bug i have on nuendo7 is a total freeze of computer. That’s why i’m a bit desprate andd wrote this post. Music keeps going but i have to reset hardware the computer. No error message to help. it just happens.
Support steinberg never ever answer anything cause i guess there’s so many that it’s out of control. Anyway what could i tell support to help finding the bug ? nuendo 7 freeze that’s it. it’s not everytime not on same usage it just goes dead. Forum can help but so many configurations so many possibilities you’ll never find a solution to your problem.

Altough we can … could do much more on these godzilla setups i sometime regret a small easy computer with few options that were rock solid and you could only focus on music.

I’m sympathetic to your problems. However, I think you answered your own question in the part I highlighted.

You already have the option to have a more stable system by simplifying your own setup, and by that I mean reducing your plugins to include only known, good and stable versions. We become victims of our desire to have and try everything made. It’s not just individual plugins, it’s also sometimes certain combinations from developers who “cheat” on how they implement the code.

I have built a very complex and powerful music computer. There are 11 PCI cards and 4 PCIe cards in my setup. That is not a typo. From a hardware standpoint, it doesn’t get any more complex. However, once I got everything functioning properly (that did take a minute or two :wink: ), my system is very stable. Crashes are very rare. The key, I believe, is solid hardware with proper drivers and including ONLY the plugins that are FIRST, stable, and SECOND, you actually need.

I know some people will say my post is a fanboy shielding SB. Not at all. There are improvements and bugfixes for N7 that SB really need to make. However, if my hyper-complex and overclocked system can be stable, that means there is not anything inherently wrong with N7 stability.


Remove ALL 3rd party plugins from your VST path settings and see if N7 is solid. Then add only the plugins back in that you seriously need and use . Live with that for a bit and see how it goes.

Good advice!

Exactly what I would say too. The only thing that I would have to add is being on new versions of software. When I worked for studios in the past, I always wondered why their software versions or always one to two versions back. Running my own place now, when you get a system to a sweet spot where we have very little issues, the fear of change with a new version and its gremlins slows the upgrade process way down. Even though a new version may bring some neat workflow, a tried-and-true system, for me, takes priority.

A hard lesson was learned when Steinberg dropped Direct X support for plugins. There was a huge uproar about that. Looking back, it forced me to lean my system.

DX7 say no more…

I’m not an expert. Just posting from experience. I think when you’ve reached a sweet spot, keep it there for a bit.
I had some minor issues in the past, with plugins crashing Cubase. All those issues are gone.

My best advice would be to run Cubase on your system without any plugins and go from there and start adding and see which ones are giving issues and troubleshoot from there. Maybe use the plugin manager for that.

I find that NI plugs are safe. Applied acoustic plugs are also safe for me but for those who have large amounts of plugins in their systems running with Cubase. You might run into issues and blame Steinberg.

I’m happy to say that since Cubase 7.5 I haven’t had a Crash. Going on 2 years. :slight_smile: