Music XML 3.1

Finale’s latest update (25.4) has incorporated Music XML 3.1, which uses the .musicxml extension. Is this likely to cause difficulties importing into Dorico, and (if so) is there a work-around?

EDIT: Okay. I tested and found that:

  • Dorico cannot see files with the .musicxml extension.
  • Finale 25.4 can export with either a .musicxml or an .xml extension, but the .xml extension (whether you get there directly from within Finale or whether you change the .musicxml extension to .xml on the desktop) threw a validation exception [“ERROR - Element ‘glyph’: This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( distance, other-appearance ).”] on the two orch files I tried. A simple Hannon piano excerpt did okay.

Dorico doesn’t recognise the file extension in the import file dialog, so you have to rename the file to .xml. Otherwise, the files that I’ve tried have all worked seemingly perfectly.
Daniel has pointed out that you can also just drag the .musicxml file onto Dorico’s Dock icon.

So far no problems when renaming extension. Dragging on top of icon did not work on Win (7)…