Music XML Export to Newzik Import Roadmap?

I’m wondering if there is a roadmap and/or timeline for improving Music XML export. I was excited when I saw the marketing material in 2021 showing Dorico and Newzik together, however here in 2024 there are still some blindspots in Dorico’s XML export that make the apps not play well together. I’m mainly concerned with the fact that Slash Regions do not export properly to XML (nor do stemless slash notes). I’m about to embark on a very large very time consuming project where I hope to end up with 100’s of charts both as print-worthy PDF’s (where Dorico is truly unmatched!) but also having XML files for each chart in Newzik for on-the-fly transpositions (read: new singer and/or singer not feeling up to their normal key). I would love to do this project in Dorico, but the way XML exports right now I just… can’t… If someone could tell me sometime in the next year or so that might be addressed, then I would attack this project in Dorico, otherwise I’ll have to rely on a different application which is truly a shame. I love working in Dorico, and really hope this can be addressed soon.

Dalton, as Dorico can’t and does not give out these roadmaps, I would in your case probably approach it in the way that you do the typesetting in Dorico including the .pdf output.
Then export all flows to music.xml, import them into your other preferred application and prepare the Newzik .xml versions from there.

Exporting rhythm slash regions to MusicXML will be included in the next major version of Dorico when it arrives, but that next major version isn’t coming any time soon.


Thank you very much for the update!