Music xml export

I exported a Dorico file containing two flows to xml. When I opened it in Sibelius, I discovered that only the 2nd flow had been exported. Is that normal?

I don’t know if it is intended behavior. but it happens for me too. You can rearrange the flows, so that you can get everything exported, but not in one go apparently. Currently XML export is less developed than import. E.g. Articulations are not exported at all.

Not in one go in Dorico 1.0

The XML file format doesn’t have any concept like “flows,” so it can’t do anything very useful with multiple flows containing different instruments, for example. AFAIK Dorico exports the flow you are currently editing, so you can export all the flows one at a time into different XML files.

Importing the full set of files into a different notation program and somehow combining them into a single document is a different (and not necessarily solvable) problem, of course…

Possibly flows could be exported (in XML) in a manner similar to Finale’s “Extract Parts” system: separate files with different endings appended to their names. e.g. MusicFile_Flow01.dorico, MusicFile_Flow02.dorico, etc.

MusicXML can sort of handle flows, inasmuch as the compressed MusicXML format allows you to encode multiple movements or pieces within a single .mxl file, but as far as I know, no other application can open such MusicXML files properly.

The flow that is exported when you export a MusicXML file from Dorico is the current flow, which is the flow whose name appears in the document window title bar at the time you export, e.g. “Flow 2 in Project 1” or whatever — “Flow 2” is the current flow, and it will be the one that gets exported.

Oddly enough, in my case, that’s doesn’t happen. The 2nd flow exports regardless of what is active. Even if the cursor, the caret of the play line is there. However, if I switch the order of the flows (one of Dorico’s greatest features IMHO) then the flow that is newly positioned in second place will export.