Music Xml from Cubase to Dorico is a nightmare

Exporting a score made in Cubase to use in Dorico is a nightmare!
No trills, no tremolos, no slurs in some cases, etc. etc. etc.

This doesn’t make sense!

Dorico is Steinberg software.
Cubase is Steinberg software.
Why can’t I use Dorico to complete a score started in Cubase?
Why do files exported with other DAWs work better in Dorico than its Cubase parent?
With Presonus for example, EVERYTHING you write in Studio One gets to Notion!
Please, Steinberg solve these problems that have existed for a long time, otherwise you will make us regret the money spent on the purchase and updating of the two software!

I agree. It would be extremely useful to be able to export music XML from Cubase to Dorico with elements intact.