Music xml import help from the legacy Notion software

There is not going to be a Notion 7, it’s official. They are going down some barmy Mobile only route (even though it works on desktop)…whatever.

So…I have hundereds of scores as music xml files I am importing into Dorico and it does an amazingly good job…except for dynamic markings which I cannot get to go across to Dorico no matter what I set the Dorico music xml import preferences to.
Any ideas?
Oh and hello btw, I’m now fully Dorico’d up.

Could you upload an xml that fails?

Where did you hear this? Could you provide a link?



Accompaniments (10.4 KB)

If you go to and click on the link to Notion 6, here is the address

… / products / Notion

I guess it’s legacy software from now on…

Hmm. (Edit) It looks like Dorico objects to the dynamic tag being inside the note tag?

You could import into MuseScore and re-export from there to get the dynamics into Dorico.

Thanks Janus, appreciated.

I’m wondering anyone from Dorico might be able to tweak the import function? I know they are always working on it.

IIRC There was a similar thread a couple of weeks ago (perhaps about dynamics not being inserted if they were associated with a chord? Again it was a peculiarity of how Notion encoded things)

I did a search forNotion/import/musicxml but nothing came up with this problem.

It was from GuitarPro, not Notion, but the general issue is similar…

Thanks, yes, similar.
Going via Musescore is going to be a lengthy process but I guess I need to bite the bullet.


That’s disappointing. Notion 6 is a great and user-friendly program that integrates with Studio One and has respectable sounds out of the box. Also 200 study scores in Notion format. Before my happy switch to Dorico, I used it as much-or more- than Finale. Its big drawback, is in its score and page formatting. Not so great there. And, if it’s now a legacy program, that won’t ever be fixed, apparently. :thinking:

This is incorrect. That’s just a subdomain. Their warranty, tutorial, and contact pages are also on the legacy. subdomain.

What mostly likely happened is they built a new site, and some old content has been ported/moved over yet.

You can likely “automate” conversion with a script around the musescore cli. Options seem to be listed here (that should allow for import and export): Command line options | MuseScore

But haven’t tested it myself.