Music XML Import Incomplete

I’m exporting pieces from Cubase to make the score in Dorico. With one piece only, I have the problem that when it opens in Dorico, after bar 13 all the notes are missing. There aren’t even any rests in their place, just empty bars (see attachment)

. Strange also that the dynamic markings are still there. When I export the same xml file into a new Cubase project, all the notes are there, so it seems to be a Dorico issue.

I’ve tried extending dummy notes over the problem bars, etc., but it always comes out with no notes after bar 13. Any ideas why?

Dear bburman,
I helped another user with this kind of problem last week, and I think it is related to something in your XML file that is not properly encoded. The file would open in Sibelius and there was a tuplet problem appearing (but really not obvious). Once dealt with, the new xml file opened perfectly in Dorico. I would suggest trying to open your file in Sibelius or Finale to sort that kind of issue, until Dorico is forgiving enough to accept them (or Cubase exports better the XML files…)