music xml import

Hi everybody:
tried to export sibelius files via music xml to Dorico.
Problem: Sibelius chord symbols appear in Dorico as dynamics…

What can I do?



there might be a way in editing the music.xml file with an xml editor. Just a guess…

Dorico can only import chord symbols that are actually defined as chord symbols in the MusicXML file: if you are using what Sibelius calls “legacy chord symbols”, i.e. simple text objects, then those will very probably not be exported as chord symbols to the MusicXML file, which means Dorico won’t be able to interpret them correctly on import.

That means that I will have to reenter all chord symbols in all of my arrangements???
I’ve got about 100 of them :imp:

I’m afraid my memory of every Sibelius plug-in is dimming as the number of years since I was working on it increases, but I think there’s a plug-in that can convert at least some legacy chord symbols into new-fangled chord symbols, which you could use in Sibelius before exporting MusicXML files.

I ran into this issue as well. I’d assumed it had to do with files converted from Finale to SIbelius via xml years ago, but this seems more likely to be the cause. It’s good to ID that the issue is legacy chord symbols and that the plug-in should presumably solve that issue.

I just searched and you can find the plug-in here:

Yes, that’s it: Convert Legacy Chord Symbols. Just one of the great Bob Zawalich’s hundreds of excellent Sibelius plug-ins.