Music XML scores look mangled in Cubase 7

Hello everyone!
I’m having a problem importing musicXML files into the score editor. If the score starts on an upbeat/pickup, Cubase shows the top staff starting on the first beat of a full bar, while the staves underneath have rests inserted in such a way that they are out of synch with the topmost staff.

I’ve tried importing scores made in Finale 2012 and Sibelius 7, as well as demo scores from the music XML site, and always have the same problem. Some Sibelius scores end up looking like total gibberish. I’ve checked the manual to make sure none of the scores have unsupported features and couldn’t find anything to help me.

The offending music XML files can be moved between Sibelius and Finale without any problem.

I’d love to know if others have been having the same issue.

I’ve been demoing C7, C7.02 and C7.05 for the last month, and today I bought a full license and did a complete reinstall (7.05) and I still have the same problem.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


I did not have this problem importing a simple 3 staff score where the top staff started with a pickup.

If you zip and upload an xml file you reproduced this with, I’d be happy to import and report back.

Hi Steve,

I’ve attached the top two staves of a score. The content of each should be identical for the first ten bars. When I import into Cubase, the two staves are not synchronised, and everything starts on the first beat of a full bar.

Many thanks for your help.

Beethoven flute (9.18 KB)

Yes, reproduced.

Niether staff is correct. the top staff is offset by -7 8th notes, and the 2nd staff has the note belonging on the last 8th of the pickup measure on beat 1, measure 1. Then, starting in measure 2 is correct.

Adding a blank staff above the top staff in Finale, I imported in to Cubase with slightly better results. Now both staves have the same error, the displacement of the first note. Everything else is correct.

As is the case in many things, Cubase gets it 95% right. Yay for Cubase. :wink:

Thanks Steve.

I’ll get onto tech support to let them know there’s a reproducible bug with the score editor.