Music XML / Songsterr / Dorico Import

Hi… I’m hoping to import a Music XML file so I create my own drum chart… fix some notation, etc. The file originated on Songsterr, I opened it into a trial of Guitar Pro 8, exported to MusicXML then opened/imported that file into Dorico.

The default import has some “interesting” results… my guess it has more to do with “interesting” ways that this file was authored. Given it’s Guitar Pro (.GP5), I assume some liberties are being made in making a drum chart in a “Guitar” application (?).

In GP… it looks OK… but once brought into Dorico, there are doubled, and even quadrupled, notes… though, it’s hard to tell if the quadrupled notes are truly quadrupled, or if the missing 1/8th ‘kick’ on the ‘1’ has been shifted (?).

The original GP5 and corresponding MusicXML file are attached if anyone is inclined w/ a curious bent… and could offer any tips on how to go about cleaning this up in Dorico… or if it’s just best to manually re-enter the notation.

Thanks! (87.2 KB)

Does Guitar Pro 8 have the ability to export to MIDI? If it does, it might be worth importing the MIDI file into Dorico. If the results are the same as for the XML import, I would tend to think that the extra noteheads are being produced in the exporting process.

When faced with situations similar to yours where an XML import has produced unexpected results, I usually try importing the XML file into Sibelius and MuseScore (I don’t have Finale) and then seeing what notational results those applications produce, and maybe even exporting to XML and MIDI to see if anything has improved when I then import that file into Dorico. Most of the time, though, I find it quicker just to manually re-enter the notation.

@StevenJones01 brilliant! The MIDI import looks much better.

I don’t have Sibelius or Finale either… but I’ll give MuseScore a shot later…

… on further evaluation, I’m seeing what appears to be some MIDI import issues in Dorico (?)… started a separate thread: Dorico MIDI Import issue?

I tried another suggestion of yours, and opened the XML file in MuseScore… it seems that all the notes are doubled because the drum part has notes on the staff and in the TAB… I know this isn’t exactly the forum for this… but do you have any idea for how I might delete the TAB portion of this drum chart in MuseScore?

I use MuseScore as little as possible, which is really only when I need to cross-check something against Dorico’s results (which is almost never!). Without going into detail, MuseScore simply does not impress me.

However, I think the procedure is to do this:

To the left of the notes there should/might be a column with 3 tabs (Palettes, Instruments, Properties). You will need “Instruments”. If that is not showing, select “Instruments” in the “View” menu. In that list, click on the disclosure triangle “Herb”, click on “Tablature”, then click on the trash can icon at the top right of the instrument list. If you hover the mouse pointer over that icon, it will show “Remove selected staves”. If you need to isolate just the drum notes, you can also remove the other two players the same way.

Thanks again, @StevenJones01 - I was able to remove the duplication after contacting the Guitar Pro folks… the trick was to turn off the Tablature before exporting to MusicXML.

There is still some misplaced notes once brining into Dorico… but I’ll log that as a separate thread.