Music XML... what to expect

What should we expect with regard to Music XML import from a Sibelius 7.1.3 export? I am seeing some things work really well, and other things not at all, still others work sometimes.

What works well: note pitch and duration, slurs, and other note markings, tempo, meter, grace notes, trills etc.

What doesn’t work at all: technique text to playing techniques (e.g., pizz., arco, progressive, etc.)

What works sometimes: dynamic markings. I have one score where this is very erratic. I have another score where this imports perfectly. When I isolate individual sections where this doesn’t work, then it works fine. So it’s likely something in the score is messing it up. But these import correctly back into Sibelius.

Same here, I am pretty sure this is on top of their to do list.

Playing techniques are at quite an early stage and we’ll be working on improving these very soon.

Dynamics are a tricky one as it’s hard to get a balance between importing them as a Dynamic Group (which groups dynamics that are close together in time so they are level vertically), and allowing them to adapt locally (eg so they can shift out of the way of stems, etc). In MusicXML there’s no such semantic structure which can make it hard to do the Right Thing (whatever that is…). It is often a quirk of rhythmic positioning whether they import as a group or not, which is why it appears erratic.

So what would explain why when I isolate a section the dynamics import correctly but in the full score they do not. I basically just copied a passage to a new score and exported that passage. The passage imports perfectly with regard to dynamics. But in the original score, many of the dynamics were just omitted on import.

I couldn’t say, but if you attach the score here or send it to us via a PM then we can take a look at it.

Correction on my initial post… User error on the dynamics. This works well.

So just the playback techniques then.

dbudde has written that “What doesn’t work at all: technique text to playing techniques (e.g., pizz., arco, progressive, etc.)”

There are two parts to this:

  1. I had hoped that pizz and arco would at least come from the xml file into the text
  2. That they would work on playback.

I know that (2) isn’t yet available and understand that these things take time, but I would have expected (1) to be working now.