[Music] You Oughta Be Against The Law - Bluesy Lead Wanted

Hi All,

Long time, no post, but time to jump in the fray again.

This is a song I wrote 10-years ago (for my wife, when she was looking particularly good one day and I thought I’d exaggerate just a bit and have some fun).

I am posting it here as a work in progress, in the hopes that one or more of you who fancy yourselves blues men or women might try a lead guitar bit.

I can do one, but I’m looking for someone better than me, who can add some additional flavor to this collaboration with fastnloose (bass) and slipstream02 (drums).

Because we didn’t record all together in one room, we’ve enjoyed an iterative process with the recording, discussing each others’ parts, and adjusting to each others’ re-recordings as we tune the song.

If you submit a part, and we all agree (including you) that the part works, please consider working with us in the same way, going forward.

This mix is approximate, in that I haven’t done any vocal mods yet (melodyne), I haven’t written guitar automation, and was lazy in using Slipstream02’s stem track (the next iteration, and final, will use a multitrack approach to the drum mixing).

Comments are welcome, as I listen to everyone, but fair warning that I give additional weight to feedback from my “band mates,” and finally, reserve the right for artistic license on the final product. :slight_smile:

I am not a bluesy singer, and am well aware of my limitations as more of a folk/singer-songwriter, performance-wise. The original was just me and a guitar sung lower, and slower, than this one. At some point, my aim is to get someone else to sing this… I have a certain Englishman in mind… we’ll see.

PM me if you want stems instead of the lossless, full-mix track on Google Drive.


Disregard the idiot message about the virus scan.

Here is a version on Bandcamp for those who would rather not download:


Thanks for listening and considering!

English man? Glyn?

Was thinking about it, yeah, you guessed it…

Incoming! :slight_smile:

I should add that the BPM is 130.

Got it!

Will redo later now I know the BPM :slight_smile:

How much “bells and whistles” content do you want in between lines in the verse? Or do you simply want a riff or two in between verses, choruses, along with a separate solo section?

Hey Larry!!

Thanks for asking.

I am thinking that the lead “echos” the ostinato riffs in the early measure… not the exact phrasing, but perhaps a derivative or answering phrase. Then it goes quiet for a bit. Come the 8-bar break, it wails in hard with maybe two-note bend, then launches off into a real solo… .

After the 8-bar, it’s flavor following the vocal phrases to the end, and that end might prove interesting for the guitar, because you hear how Joe does the snare at the end, and what I did with Lenny’s bass and my acoustic.

Now, that guidance as just a suggestion, play the whole damn thing the way you want to. Flavor all the way through if you want. We can always subtract easier than add, and if you are in an inspired mood, I rather have you wail away now, comp later. :slight_smile:


Hi Mark, did you get what you wanted?

Sorry I took so long to respond. You ware welcome to submit something, though I will say that I like what Larry (foolomon) is doing right now.


If Larry’s given you something you like, go with it! Looking forward to hearing it. Nice track!

Thank you!