Musical audio clips and time stretching not working

Hey all! I opened a support ticket about this but I figured I’d ask here in case I get a faster response.

Using Cubase 6.5.4 32-bit on Win7 Home Premium 64-bit (I only have 4GB of RAM and still use some plugins that aren’t full 64-bit yet). My problem is if I record 4 bars of guitar and then go into the audio pool, the tempo for the clip is missing. It just says “???”. Of course I can enter it manually (although on the tutorial video online you don’t have to do this). But then when I check the “musical” box…the clip disappears! I can undo it and it comes back, but it’s basically rendering Elastique utterly useless to me. I have tried it with the track timebase set to both linear and musical, although I’d assume musical is the correct setting.

Is there something else I’m missing here? Cheers!

Just to add to this, when I click musical mode in the pool the clip disappears. If I then drag from the pool back onto the track, the clip re-appears and functions fine (i.e. I can turn musical mode on and off and the clip does not vanish). This is weird…

Okay turns out I found what the problem is. I record my audio in cycle mode, creating additional takes/lanes as I go. So applying musical mode to the events goes all screwy because each event is actually several clips of varying lengths. I believe it to be a bug/incorrect behaviour that Cubase should remove the event from the arranger when musical mode is ticked but in any case, there are two solutions:

Select the part and Bounce Selection (choosing ‘replace events’ when prompted).

Or, just don’t record in cycle mode. I think I’ll start recording using punch out instead so all my events are perfectly sized.