Musical conflict in tracks

Hi guys,
Somewhere I had seen a video about Cubase 12 having a feature that allow one to view say the lead track (maybe piano) and an accompany track (maybe strings or whatever) to show conflicts musically in the accompany track. I think it may have understood the key of the song and somehow highlighted the conflict in the editor. Not sure where I saw it but I’ve searched for every term I could think of but nothing came up that was similar.
Any thoughts on this guys?

The only thing close to that is in the Key Editor you can set it so the Notes are colored based on the Chord Track instead of the default of Velocity. It will color the Notes based on if they are in or out of both the current Scale and Chord. The Setup… in the dropdown will show you what the 4 colors mean.


I’m guessing, but I suppose it’s possible you mean the channel comparison part of the EQ ?

However, what you are describing sounds more like the unmask feature in Neutron by Izotope.

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Yes Raino I think this might have been what I saw on the video that I can’t seem to find. It might have been a video by Featherlight Studios but not sure. I allowed you to see two tracks in what I think was the editor view of midi. I’ll give this a look. Thanks
And thank you Surrealist for your input and efforts on this. I recall that was definitely not related to EQ but events in what I think was an editor view in the midi editor but not sure.

Thanks guys,

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