Musical Mode accessible via Key Command

Changing an audio event to musical mode should absolutely be accessible via either a key command or PLE. I’ve looked everywhere in key commands, PLE track functions and Generic remote with no results. It would save so much time if it could be toggled via PLE. I know it can be changed in the selected track’s info line but nearly everything else in the info line can be adjusted via key commands or generic remote.

Please and thanks for the help!

Maybe this PLE would be of help?

Hi m.c,

Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately I have already tried this to no effect as time domain musical is separate from an audio Event’s Musical Mode.

In the attached screen shot the Audio Tracks time domain is set to Musical but it has no effect on the audio event’s musical mode setting. Audio Events that have musical mode switched on have an icon on the rightmost edge of the event to indicate whether or note musical mode is on.

time domain does not Musical Mode. See manual for more info.

I know. I’m requesting that turning musical mode on and off be either a preference you can set or accessible via key command.