musical mode bug

got a problem when i load a new cubase 7 project i change my record format from 24 bit to 32 bit i then pul up the media bay load a audio file into my project with the musical mode (align to the beats to project) turned OFF.
the audio file is loaded into my project that the musical mode is turn ON seeing this by looking at the right corner of the audio file. for a better look i open the audio editor by double clicking the on the audio file opening the audio editor seeing on the upper tool bar of the audio editor that the musical mode is turn ON.
This also occurs when i change the sample rate from 44.100 to 48.000

Is this a bug or is there something that i can do

i have tried resetting cubase 7 by removing the cubase 7 file in the preferences folder.

have cubase 7 running on a mac with os x 10.8.2 please help.