Musical mode can't be set for a sample

Hello fellow users of Cubase!

The problem I have is that I can’t set Musical Mode for a sample I cut from a loop.
The Musical Mode works for the loop but I can’t activate it for the sample I extracted from the loop.
I even stripped the sample of all its metadata in Adobe Audition and the file became less in size, but still Cubase won’t let me check Musical Mode in the Pool Window. I need that kick to be of different BPM.

And when I try to set the tempo in the Pool for the imported sample it keeps identifying tempo as “???”. I also noticed that the initial file size after removing the metadata is 112 KB but as I import it it’s 123 KB as if some metadata is being added and Cubase creates a KICK-01 file which is 0 KB.

I figured out how to find the sample in Media Bay and put the original tempo value for the sample but it didn’t help.

I really like Musical Mode and I want to understand the problem so it’s not bugging me ever again.
BTW the kick sample is a perfect 138 bpm loop, i used grid to cut it Adobe Audition.

Ughhh, actually I’m a bit disappointed in Musical Mode, whatever mode I choose it makes kick sound distorted, even Elastique Pro introduces distortions, weird stuff.

I ended up stretching the kick track to 134 BPM, bounced it to WAV and chose the kick that sounded like the original amongst the ones that sounded like poo and saved the sample in 134 BPM.