Musical Mode.. Change all midi tracks at once?

Hi there,
I use Cubase on a regular basis and I was wondering if there’s a way to:

Change all selected Midi Tracks… or Audio Tracks, or whatever, to Musical mode all at once, instead of having to go through each of them and click the icon on the side to change it to the clock… and vice versa?

The usual Shift+alt doesn’t work…

Anyone know a workaround?

Is there something I can program into the Project Logical Editor?

Thanks guys,


I’m afraid this is not possible. :confused:

Same as it is not possible to Solo or Mute more tracks together (the only one way is to make folder, and Solo/Mute the folder; but there is no Musical/Linear Mode of the folder). Even the Link channels doesn’t work with the Musical/Linear Mode.

And Project Logical Editor has no Musical/Linear Mode in the Actions – Track Operations.