Musical mode, Elastique

I’m using elastique to change tempo but my 15min long project makes it so slow. I want to keep the tempo like it is. Can i freeze it and turn musical mode off?
Can someone help me?

Freezing will retain the changes Elastique has made.

However, you should take notice to this issue:

Thanks for answer!

Ohh, thats why i have had a nightmare in this project since i started to use elastique. Now i have cut everything in short pieces to have it sound in sync.

How can i freeze or bounce it so that i can turn off elastique? Can you give me an advice how to do?

File- export - audio mixdown (select the track u want) also check that your mixdown gets imported back into the project…(theres a box to click in the audio export dialog)

Edit:( you can also copy the macro i made from this thread

Pt1&pt2 = 1macro…

Thanks a lot! I didn’t know that it was a automatic function to get it back in the project. Great! I will try that.