Musical mode, is this a bug?

  1. I recorded audio at 44.1k.
    2a. It ended up to be 408.0.1.13 long after I did tempo detection and applied “Set Definition from Tempo”. It was set to 1/4 for some reason, but anyhow.
    2b. I click on the “Activate Tempo Track” button to de-activate the tempo track.
  2. I then used Spectralayers One v10.0.50, de-mixed the vocals, and dragged it to a new track. It is still 408.0.1.13 long.
  3. Musical Mode is NOT yet applied.
  4. I apply Musical Mode and the de-mixed audio event is now only 399.0.3.119.
    The de-mixed audio event is out of sync. I manually time stretch it to the original length, Musical Mode is still on, and now it is in sync.
    I don’t think Step 2 makes any difference.

Am I doing something wrong?

Can you replicate this behavior? Surely the audio event should not change in length just by applying Musical Mode on a freshly recorded track?

I think you are probably conflating Musical Mode and Musical Timebase. Tracks do not have a Mode only a Timebase.


It makes a difference in as far as it creates a tempo map on the Tempo Track. And when you use “set definition from tempo” that tempo map is transferred into the audio file.
What do you do with the tempo map after step 2?

Ah, forgot to mention. I clicked on deactivate “Set Definition from Tempo”.

But to add, I looked at the Pool.
The original audio file has a tempo of 122.80bpm.
The audio file I dragged out from Spectralayers has 120.51bpm.
My DAW was set to 123bpm when I dragged out from Spectralayer.

It says “Musical Mode” in the info bar, right next to Algorith (Elastique pro).
The “Musical Mode” I selected was "Musical. Like this:

Yep, but your screenshot concerns a selected audio event, not the whole track that contains it.

I think Rikk didn’t mean track as in “audio track” but rather that they imported an already completed song as an audio file into SL and Cubase. Like “track 4 of an album”.

You cannot deactivate that function. You can only execute it.
Please, you have to be precise in your writing, otherwise we are all just guessing what you are talking about.

This is the button I refer to: And I clicked on it in step 2 so it is no longer white/active.
I updated my OP to say audio EVENT and not TRACK as it was confusing.

I live recorded into Cubase. It was not an existing audio file that I imported. Thus, there was no audio tempo info in the wav file that may have confused Cubase.

When you use tempo detection and afterwards transfer this information into the audio file with “set definition from tempo” in that moment you have changed the tempo information for that file/clip. It is no longer the tempo of the project after deactivating the tempo track.
Then putting the event into musical mode will make it adjust to the project tempo and thus change its length.

But the length did NOT change for the audio event I that I changed the tempo info for and then set to musical mode. It stayed the same.
The audio event that did change its length was the one that I dragged out of Spectralayers. It changed its length when I applied Musical Mode to the event.

I see. Between your step 3 and 4 can you go to the Pool and check if the bpm values for both audio clips are the same?