"Musical Mode" makes weird phasing effect on audio tracks

When I record Live Sound I use Presonus Capture. in the studio I import those wave files into cubase, what I noticed that if the tracks are set to ‘musical’ mode, the sound becomes “phasey” this is mostly noticeable on stereo tracks. As soon as I switch the tracks to linear mode it osunds normal again.
Why does this happen?
Using linear mode seems like a workaround, but I need to use musical mode for some audio editing features.

What does common sense tell you? :confused:

the only thing it tells me that cubase in musical mode tried to stretch or skew the sound waves or something at that messes up the sound… that’s all I can think of.
I’m new to version 6 btw…

You’re confusing two things maybe…linear vs musical time for a track…and having the wave in “musical mode” in the project pool.

The phasing is due to the real time time stretching of musical mode for the WAV…not musical time base. If you need musical time base for editing, but want the phasing to go away, go into the pool and uncheck those wavs (and frankly ALL) to take them out of musical mode.

Don’t come around often, so I just saw this…also note that I have been bitten in the ass more than once my the real time time stretch. I was using it on purpose, but I think it must have to do with relative workload levels…it was fine when it was just the drums, but then I go to mix and it gets phasey. luckily, I rendered the drums linear for a hardware recorder I track to…so, I just imported the old renders before it got “weird”. I don’t like things that work and the don’t. They should pull whatever amount of CPU scheduling they need for it, and leave it sucked up…if I need to render, at least then I would know without noticing the momentary phase shifts.

Thank you Popmann, ths goes into my database!