Musical Mode & Markers

This question applies to N7 as well as N8. When you’re in Musical Mode, you can set your tempo to whatever you want and all of the MIDI parts will stay together in synch. But why does it throw the location markers off? :astonished:

I’ve programmed a piece that has to be performed at a qtr. note tempo of 120 bpm. Some of the lines were pretty difficult to play cleanly at that tempo, so I slowed it down (72 bpm) to get the part roughed in and then cleaned it up in editing. When I put the piece back to 120, my markers are all over the place. Why won’t measure 83 STAY measure 83, regardless of tempo?

I presume you mean Musical Timebase, Musical Mode is something else.

You must have had the marker tracks set to a different time base at some point.

Yeah, it says Musical vrs Linear (Qtr. Note vrs Clock symbols). In any case, shouldn’t I be able to get the markers to follow whatever tempo I set in Musical Timebase mode? Or am I just going to have to re-assign every locate point once I’m back to the performance tempo? Obviously, if that’s the case, that’s what I’ll do. But I just want to make sure that I understand how this is supposed to work.