Musical Mode moves files out of place randomly

Hi to all, since C9 pro I found on several occasions a weird behaviour I didn’t have from previous versions.
When I use Cubase for writing, I change Tempo setting many times and very often I have demos with recorded files at different tempos, adapted with the musical mode enabled from the pool.
Lately I had this problem more that once, but I can’t find a replicable condition to report a bug.
Basically I record many audio files and sometimes I decide to try to change the tempo of the songs. Cubase is in Musical Mode, always. Problem is the since C9 Pro, sometimes I get some files getting out of place when I change the tempo from musical mode button in the pool. Again, every track is in musical mode.
I used the same way of working for a long time, never had a single problem, rock solid. Now I have this randomly.

Anyone ever had the same behavoiur?


Roberto Priori

I’ve just logged in to search if anyone else is experiencing this problem?

Working on a song, tuning and copying some backgroundvocals. When I select a few events and hit “Bounce Selection” there are a few events that get bounced to a different spot on the grid.
Some audio files are in musical mode, others aren’t.

9.0.20 and I’ve never experienced this before (and “bounce selection” is a MAJOR part of my workflow :imp: )




I think you might be confusing Musical Mode & Musical Time Base.

Steve explains the difference here Musical Mode? Musical/Linear Time Base? Got an aspirin? - #10 by steve - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Hi Raino, thanks for your reply.
Yes I was not using the right terms, what I was trying to say is, my time base is set to musical mode and when I change tempo on some recorded files usìng the musical mode, some of them behave incorrectly moving away from their position.The problem occurs randomly. I used the same working scheme for a long time and never happened before C9Pro.

Your tracks’ time base cannot be set to Musical Mode. Did you read the link raino gave you?

Hi Steve sorry, I’m writing between works and so I was wrong, again.
My tracks are all on musical mode (not my time base) and I use the musical mode button inside the pool when I change tempo of the song to adapt files already recorded at different tempo. Since C9Pro I have a strange problem with some files, going out of place when I hit the Musical mode button inside the pool. I hope it’s clear now.

I’m sorry, I can’t make out what you mean by this at all.

Ok I try again:
in the preferences - editing - Default track type is set on Musical
Every single track in the project has the orange quarter note icon (toggle time base between Musical and linear) so is set on Musical.
I record some tracks and later I go to - Pool - and set Musical mode on the recorded tracks some gets out of place, randomly. I had this problem on several projects, and once on a new one I made to recreate the bug, but only once.

I don’t know what’s happening there, but try bouncing the audio events, then changing them to Musical Mode.

It’s files that get Musical Mode, not tracks.