Musical mode needs to be clicked in the pool - why?

This has been bugging me for a while now. Why is it that, when the track is set to musical mode, one still needs to go into the pool and click “musical mode” to actually apply it?

There must be some reason for this infuriating behaviour. Why does toggling the track’s timebase not affect tracks subsequently recorded in it?

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Those are actually two different things. Musical Mode is applied to the audio file, and the other is Musical timebase, which adjusts how events on the track move in time.

Doesn’t seem like two different things, seems like two steps to do one thing. What does activating musical timebase on a track accomplish by itself, if you also have to go and do this other thing? Why would anyone use musical timebase, without activating musical mode as well?

Is there at least a reason, aside from the vagaries of history, for this behaviour?

Thanks for the answer, btw, not meaning to come off as cantankerous.

Musical mode is for specific audio files. An audio file shall either be in it on not in it.

The track timebase determines if the start times of the events on the track are lined up (and moved) with linear time, meaning seconds, or to the musical tempo of the beat.