Musical mode not responding as I expect?

What am I doing wrong here? My understand is that with musical mode on an audio track then if I change the fixed tempo, the audio track will adjust to stay with the grid?

I imported an audio loop. I got the fixed tempo as close as I could so that the loop markers have that loop within 8 bars. I then did “sizing applies time stretch” and adjusted the loop to get it so it is the exact tempo.

Then I applied “musical mode” to the audio track and adjust the fixed tempo. My understanding is the audio loop should shift with the loop and always be 8 bars regardless of the tempo now, but it doesn’t move-regardless of musical or linear mode. What am I doing wrong?

Can you look in the Pool and see if you have an X in the Musical Mode column. You may be confused between having the file in musical mode and the track in musical mode.

Yes that did it-thank you! So now I have no idea what does having the track in musical mode mean then?