Musical Mode on import audio file from DP

I’m importing Music stems that come from Digital Performer. When dropped onto a track they have “Musical mode on” even though the track is not set to that. I’ve tried the same thing in a Pro Tools session but not having the same issue,
any ideas how to get around this besides having to change each file separately.


Musical mode.png

well one way I just figured out how to bulk change that is by doing it in media bay. Highlight all your files and then change the setting the under Attribute inspector / Musical /Follow Tempo / on/ off.
unless there is a pref setting I’m missing


I assume you know about this, but just putting it out there in case it helps

In the Preferences dialog > Editing page > “Default Track Time Type” option. This sets the default track time type for new tracks (audio, group/FX, MIDI, and marker tracks).

Thanks Mattinay,
I know about the pref setting and the file still would drop in with the Musical setting on, Spend some time with the composer on this and there end up being a setting on DP “Turn of soundbite Tempo”


cool. good to know.