Musical mode problem


I want to be able to change the tempo of my project, and have all my recorded audio files adjust to the new tempo.

I thought musical mode would allow me to do this, but I am having timing issues.

Here’s my process (my project has some midi drums):

  1. record a guitar part
  2. record a vocal part
  3. go into the Pool, and set each part’s musical mode to on

Now I find that the audio parts are out of time with the midi drums.

I figured that they would stay in time, and musical mode just means that I can now alter the project tempo and have my audio files follow the changes.

Have I misunderstood this process?

Thanks for your time and help.

Shaun Thomson

1.What software are you talking about?
2.Is the MIDI track set to musical timebase…?

in the pool did you set the tempo that the audio files were recorded at. without a tempo reference you cannot change audio files correctly.