Musical mode question??

I have a friend who is running :
Cubase 6.5.0 and SL 32 bit, 10.6.8

Hes saying that the musical mode is not there on the track, the quarter note thingy.

Any ideas. Is this a pref or something you have to set?

It can be visible or hidden by right clicking and selecting show/hide

I don’t see a show/Hide on the prject page. I did find the track control settings though

Well, as I don’t sit in front of my DAW when I’m on this forum, my answers are all from memory and some of the terms are a little “wrong” but the flavor is there and hopefully points you in the right direction, as you seemed to have found the “Track Control Settings” where you can make visible/hide or change the order the various components of the selected Track Type.

Thanks man :mrgreen: