Musical mode removes audio warp markers?

I’ve noticed that if I make a recording, make some timing changes using Audio Warps “Free Warp” setting, and then set the clip to musical mode, my warp markers are removed and replaced with a grid of warp markers on every quarter (presumably to be used to warp the audio to new tempos).

What are the best workflows here? Should I always set to musical mode first before making any changes? Is there a better way?

have the same problem. All work with warp marker is gone when switch to musical mode. And there are other strange things happen when modifying the recordings and then switchin into musical mode. Especially with fresh recorded and having prerecord f.e. to 1 sec.
Musical mode works only if all is clean. But even a mixdown is not ‘clean enough’ for switching into musical mode.

Im thinking this is designed this way. Musical mode is assuming you are warping. I think its one or the other.
Steinberg needs to answer this one I think. It has worked this way as long as I can remember

I see this is an older thread but I’m wondering if it was solved. I am having a similar problem in that when I go to musical mode after making some “free warps” the track does not respond properly to tempo changes. Do you have to set musical mode first then free warp if needed?

I think the easiest way to deal with this is after you do your warping use Render In Place to create a clean unwarped Audio File and set that to Musical Mode.

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