Musical Mode vs ACID Files - Whats the difference?

Hello everyone!

I know, my question looks a little weird but please hear me out before judging. :wink:

From what I do understand and have noted about Musical Mode vs Linear Mode in Cubase is:

Linear Mode - an audio clip will always play back exactly as it was recorded, ignoring the tempo set in my transport
Musical Mode - the tempo of the audio will follow the changes in the Tempo in my transport panel

What I don’t understand is that most of the time when I’ve recorded audio at a fixed tempo, if I change the audio to musical mode it always goes out of sync with the other audio tracks.

For example, lets say I record 2 audio tracks; 1 with a bass line and the other with piano using a set tempo in my transport. When I play back those audio tracks they are in perfect sync with the original tempo they were recorded in. But if I increase the tempo, the audio tempo does not increase. Understandable because the audio is in linear mode.

Now if I place both of those tracks in Musical Mode, the tempo of those tracks will increase or decrease based on the tempo I set in my transport. However, the 2 audio tracks are no longer in sync with each other.

So I don’t personally see much use of Musical Mode across multiple audio tracks as it would appear to require additional tweaking and audio warping to correct the sync issues I just described.

Whereas if I were to import an multiple ACID Wave files, they seem to always be in sync with each other regardless of whether I increase or decrease the tempo.

So it seems that Musical Mode and ACID WAV files work towards a common goal but Musical Mode is somewhat lacking in process, OR maybe I am not using Muscial Mode properly?

Is Musical Mode supposed to circumvent the need of ACID Wave files to accomplish the same thing? Being to have the audio properly sync with the tempo irrelevant of how many tracks there are in a Project?

Someone? Please?? Help :cry:


-Events with extra data, you need to render the audio file first, (thus eliminating further future editing possibilities if the audio file had excess information outside the event length) then activate musical mode.

-If there is no extra data outside the event, go to pool window , set tempo if it isnt already project tempo, then activate musical mode.

-Or, if you want to keep the extra data for later use, go to the audio pool, look for the audiofile (among many) , select the audiofile in question , set the tempo to your project tempo and then activate musical mode. - which might mess up the edited event…

Repeat this for every snippet of audio in your project.

So yeah, needs improvement…

I think acid files are basically rex files, meaning that they are all chopped up on the inside. Thing with acid files is, if the tempo is not correctly set in the metadata ( many acid file makers forget this step or are too lazy- even the biggest names in audio ) cubase will not play them at the right tempo. So u need to go to the pool/mediabay and set the correct original tempo of the file first.

Hey, thanks for this info ggc!

It helps because I was trying to determine if it would be worth the extra investment to purchase ACID studio from Sony. I’m still not 100% that it will make my work easier in this regard when it comes to working with Cubase but it certainly would be great if Steinberg were to implement the ability to create ACID files from within Cubase.

Now that would be a value add!!

FYI- Its easier if all files are rendered and/or have no extra data… (Which is seldom the case when one actually works with the audio or records from an external source)
-goto pool / select all / set project tempo to one file (which translates to all selected files) and click musical mode
Edit: added the “or” to the and;)

Ok, I’ll give that a try. No need to spend more $$$ if I can avoid it. :smiley:

Ok, so I’ve taken a crack at your suggestion but I cannot see how to go about removing that extra data from the audio file. I can see it in the variaudio window but if I attempt to select it to cut or delete it, it sets my whole audio file off.

Is there some piece of the process I am missing here? I tried doing an internet search but cannot find any solution.

Any pointer? Maybe?