Musical mode

I have Musical Track Type mode set in Preferences. I would have thought that this would mean that any audio parts recorded on a track set to Musical mode would naturally also be set to Musical mode. Unfortunately this does not happen - after recording a part it, is necessary to open the part using the Audio Editor and set the part to Musical there.

Is there a valid reason why it is like this, or is it a buglet? (I know it has been like this for a long time - before N6.5)

Surely if I set a Track to be in Musical mode, I would want the parts on it to be in the same mode?

You’re talking about Prefs>Editing Default Track Time Type, correct?

There is Musical Mode, which is specific to the audio file itelf, and there is Musical Time type. They are two different things. Depending on what a person is doing they might want the track to be in Linear Time, and have the audio file in Musical Mode, or vice-versa.

So, this pref only applies to the Track Time Type, (aka Time Base), and not to whether audio files are assigned to be Musical Mode or not.

That is correct.

I use this to adjust the final tempos of projects, so it seems to me to be very cumbersome to have to edit every part in a project (possibly hundreds) to Musical mode despite the fact that I have already determined that all tracks should be set to Musical mode.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

Tracks are not set to musical mode, they are set to one of two Time bases: Linear time or Musical time. These apply to the start position of audio events and parts in the project, not to their playback speed.

Musical Mode is not a per part setting, it’s per audio file. It applies to the playback tempo of that file (and its child regions, events or parts).

It has to be separate, because there are use cases where one needs to have a track follow Linear Time, yet have audio files (or just some audio files) change their playback speed with the project tempo, or for music it has to be able to work the way you are using it.

Finally, you can open the pool, select all your audio and hit the Musical Mode checkbox and all the audio in the project will then be in Musical Mode, in a couple moves.


I was going to post the same thing. The same applies for other changes to audio files in the Pool, such as Tempo. Very easy to make changes to audio files en masse.

Thank you Gentlemen.