Musical Mode

I realize the button for toggling between linear and musical is the 1/4 note. The manual says it’s on the tool bar but I can’t for the life of me find it either on the front page tool bar or in the edit mode for audio. I ended up finding it in the inspector but it doesn’t seem to have the effect I want. I have an audio track that I want to change tempo along with the project tempo. I understand it has to be in musical mode to do so. Am I missing something here? I saw in one of these posts that there was another musical mode that I may have to deal with?

This is a misnomer. Musical Mode ≠ Musical Timebase.

This is my pet peeve today- I just watched the Streamworks Audio videos that came with Cubase 6. They kept referring to Musical Mode when they should have been saying Musical Timebase. Musical Mode you will find in the pool as a setting for individual audio files. Timebase is what you set a track to, be it linear or musical. The terms get thrown around dangerously, I tells ya!

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edit: that’s funny- it says quiz instead of what I wrote, which was much more apt for sure!

Ok, so where is the musical timebase toggle? Is this what will enable syncing of my audio part with project tempo?

Make sure the correct original tempo is entered in the pool and that Straighten Up is checked. The audio track has to be in Musical Timebase, also.

Suprawill, sorry if my sarcasm got in the way of a clear answer… Timebase toggle is what you described in your o.p., Musical Mode is in the pool, 5th column (if default view), and also check what mashedmitten said.

That’s ok, between you and MashedMitten, I got it straightened out.
Both musical timebase and mode have been enabled. I didn’t see any straighten up function in the pool but I applied the correct tempo on each audio part. Thanks to you both.